Sunday, April 22, 2012


{pictures from the past couple of weeks}

{1}Bedside table vignette
{2} Pretty new gallery wall and pillows
{3}Coffee table styling
{4}More pretty living room...I can't get enough.
{5} New C.Wonder pillow
{6} New pharmacy style lamp
{7} Quick side table makeover
{8} Entryway redo
{9} My new little owl friend

{1} Dead battery at midnight the night before having to work super fun!
{2} Double rainbow at the baseball field...just what I needed that day
{3}Necklace obsession
{4} Bedroom beauty station
{5} Oops, didn't mean to put this twice
{6} C. Wonder! new fave store
{7} Successful shopping trip
{8} New favorite nail polish...Confetti brand at CVS for $1.99 each...holla!

{1} A silly puppy who thinks it's okay to chew on my PJ's
{2} A rare date with my man who is usually in the library...exploring a cute little town called Nyack on the Hudson River
{3} Scary monster puppy
{4}Our new Friday night tradition...home made pizzas!
{5} New C. Wonder necklace with my Max and Chloe!
{6} His & Hers drinks on Saturday night {Bloody Mary//Blood Orange Martini}
{7} My sweet boy
{8} Finally ordered one of my bridal portraits two years after the wedding...better late than never
{9} Thirsty puppy! I turned on the shower and left the room, and this is how I found him when I came back.

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  1. i super sparkle heart instagram. how did you get it in these cute little squares with multi pictures? your pillows are looking fabulous!!