Saturday, February 11, 2012

Catching Up

Goodness, apparently I just can't get myself together enough to regularly post on this blog. Maybe it's because my life is super boring right now...just a whole lot of working, not enough sleeping, and a puppy who needs our constant attention. Nobody wants to read about that stuff.

 We had an amazing Christmas and New Years in Kansas City, MO with Joe's parents and brother. I was so lucky to marry into such a wonderful family! They treat us like royalty when we are there, and we had so much fun spending time with them and their sweet pup Sophie. We also got to meet Joe's brother Pat's girlfriend Kadie and we just loved her!

awkward couple picture

Our little Charlie has gone from a precious 11 pound puppy, to a feisty 30 pound dog! He has been quite the handful, but we love him anyway! He has been going through a chewing stage the past couple of weeks (which is odd because he never did this while he was teething.) Yesterday, he chewed up his brand new, expensive harness after wearing it only once, and chewed up my beloved Ray Ban sunglasses...I may or may not have lost my mind and sat in the floor and cried. He is currently (willingly) taking a nap in his crate with the door open, so I can finally get some stuff done! Hoping things start to get better with this silly boy! Isn't he so darn cute?!?

Joe started his Spring semester of his 2L year in law school...that means he's over halfway through! WOOP WOOP!! It has definitely been a rough ride with lots of stress and not seeing each other very often, but I know it's all going to be worth it in the end! Joe absolutely loves what he is doing, and that makes me so incredibly happy to know that he found his little niche in life! He is going to be a great environmental lawyer!

I flew home to South Carolina to pay tribute to one of the most amazing men I have ever known. My daddy's best friend, Mr. Paul, passed away after a hard battle with Esophageal Cancer. The amount of people at his visitation and funeral were a testament to how great he was and how much he was loved by everyone who knew him. My sweet daddy got to speak at the service and he did such a great job remembering his friend. I just wish I lived closer so that I could spend more time with his amazing wife, Susan, and their sweet daughter, Sullivan. 

Mr. Paul and Daddy in Jamaica last April

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Susan at our wedding in June 2010

 This winter in New York has seriously been amazing (which is definitely much needed after the horrible one we had last year!) I haven't had to scrape any ice or snow from my car when I go to work in the don't know how happy that makes me! We had some snow on Halloween weekend (weird) and a little bit when I went home for the funeral, and a few sprinkles this morning that melted as soon as they hit the ground. This southern girl loves this kind of winter! Here's to hoping it stays this way until Spring.

Taking a walk in the snow before it all melted...he LOVED it!

I've also been crafting/redecorating like crazy! I am hosting a baby shower for my friend Elizabeth in SC in March, so I have been super busy making and sending out the invitations, and crafting decorations. Also, nothing in our apartment stays put for long because I am constantly redecorating, so I have a few things I've done that I will blog about later this week!

Invitations for the baby shower
Gallery wall in the making

Lots of fun posts coming soon...promise!

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