Friday, September 23, 2011

it's the little things

Aisle to Aloha

Today, I am so excited to join in for It's the Little Things at From the Aisle to Aloha, and for InstaFriday at Life Rearranged! I have had so much fun documenting all of the little things I am thankful for. :)

...Fall nail polish! I absolutely love all of the new Fall colors by Essie and OPI and bought a few to keep my fingers lookin' pretty! My fave so far is Case Study (pictured on the left), part of the new fall line by Essie. It is a mixture between all of the most popular colors this fall (grey, beige, army green) and is absolutely perfect...definitely a must buy if you don't already have it!

...My baby's first bath at home! How cute is this little wet rat?? I could eat him up!

...Friendship bracelets! One of the joys of working with a 9 year old girl :)

...Redecorating! Nothing stays in place for long in this house! I always have so much fun switching things around and making it all feel new again. Totally loving the gigantic mirror from the mantle in the much more grand!

...First pot of chili on the first cold night of fall! DELISH! recipe coming soon!

...Pretty pumpkins. Although it was still pretty warm outside last week and didn't feel anything like fall, it sure was fun to see these pretty things outside of the grocery store!

...It's FALL on our mantle! Like I said before, things don't sit still for long! I added a few things since the last time I posted mantle pictures and I am absolutely in love! Can I just have a fall mantle year round??

...My pretty monogrammed necklace! Joe gave me this on our wedding day, and I love it so much! I wore it almost every day this week and it is such a sweet reminder of my sweet husband and our amazing wedding day!

...Charlie has eyes! My sweet boy had to get some shots at the vet today, and while he was there I asked if they could pretty please trim the hair around his eyes so the poor thing could see! Look at those precious eyes now!

Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY art!

i saw a post on nuestra vida dulce (one of my absolute favorite bloggers ever) about these geometric wall decals, and knew they would be perfect in our new living room. i ordered them that day, and they sat in their packing for months and months until i could figure out what in the world i was going to do with 8 huge stickers. 


i thought about buying frames for them, but that turned out to be a little too pricey for this project since i am notorious for changing things up a little too often. coupons in hand, i headed to michael's to find a solution. i ended up with these extremely affordable square 12"x12" canvasas that came two to a pack and thought it would help to make them look more like art and less like cheap stickers. 

they didn't stick very well to the canvas, so i had to use a bit of hot glue...but you would never notice. they make a beautiful, bold statement on the huge wall over the couch, and i am so pleased with how it turned out. 

who knows, i may get tired of them in the next couple of months, but that is the beauty of DIY art for under $50!

the website has tons of different decals to choose from...totally loving this paris map! these would all look great on canvases!

(not a sponsored post, just sharing a fun find!)

Sunday, September 18, 2011


windows open, air conditioner off, long sleeves on...

it's finally FALL in new york!

this summer was a HOT one, so this lovely fall weather is certainly welcome! 
i am taking advantage of this beautiful day by decorating our apartment for the season...

and hanging out with my sweet boy. (my other sweet boy is spending the day in the library...dumb law school!)


Thursday, September 15, 2011


Meet Charlie.

He's the cutest little Tibetan Terrier and I am so obsessed...get ready for lots of puppy posts to come! 
We got him this past Friday, and he has been SO good! I was kind of worried about getting a puppy because quite honestly, we don't have time to deal with all of the things that go along with that. We just decided to bite the bullet and go on the hunt for the perfect dog, and this sweet little boy just kind of fell into our lap after weeks and weeks of searching! 

He has the sweetest disposition, and hardly ever barks! He is a big ball of fur, and is super cuddly. It's been less than a week and I already am so in love!

Isn't he such a cutie? It's so hard to take a picture of his sweet face behind all that pretty hair!
Can you tell someone hates the elevator? Hoping he gets over this soon!
His favorite hiding spot!
This is how all of our walks go.

Sorry for the iPhone pics...this has been a super busy week, so I haven't been able to take many pictures of him with my nice camera...maybe this weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm baaaack!

Sorry for yet another long blogging absence! Promise I've had a good excuse! 

In August, we had a long two week vacation from work, so we went to South Carolina for my friend Alisha's wedding and stayed with my parents for a few days, then headed to Kansas City, Missouri so stay with Joe's parents for a week!
How gorgeous is this couple?? We were so excited to be a part of Alisha and Zac's wedding! It was just gorgeous...LOVED the yellow and gray color scheme! See those wreaths on the doors, I made them! More on that later! :)

I got to spend time with my most favorite people in the whole world! My little brother Ben had just gotten back from Africa, and my brother Patrick and sister in law Mandi brought their little sweeties over for a cookout! I also got to see some sweet friends I've been missing and also my wonderful parents and grandparents!

The Wednesday after the wedding, we flew from Greenville, SC to Kansas City and spent a week in Joe's parents beautiful new house. We got the grand tour all over the KC area and we absolutely loved it! I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few from a little day trip to the cutest little town called Parkville.

We also got to see Joe's brother Pat's scrimmage at Missouri State!

A few weeks after that trip, we flew down to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the Arkansas/Missouri State to see Pat and the Bears take on the Razorbacks! Neither of us had ever been to Arkansas, so it was really fun to see their great football atmosphere! It was HOT, and Missouri State lost, but we had a great time!

We have also been super busy because...

...this precious little guy came to live with us! :)

His name is Charlie and he is the most beautiful Tibetan Terrier! We got him this past Friday, and we have been obsessed with this little puppy ever since! Lots more puppy posts to come!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!