Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carolina In My Mind

I am back from an amazing trip to South Carolina! I had so much fun at the lake with all of my sweet family (minus my little brother who is in Africa for the summer...missed you Ben!) at the lake, and also at my parents' house in Greenville. I took my big camera with both of my lenses and had all intentions of taking a million pictures...then I only managed to take a few pictures with my phone. I was too busy having fun to get out the camera, I guess! Anyway, I am usually sad when having to leave home, but wasn't this time because we will be back in the good ol' SC in a few weeks for my sweet friend Alisha's wedding!

I got to see my sweet nieces and nephew and loved being able to spend so much time with them! I hate living so far away from them and missing them grow up, so I cherish every little second I get with them!
How sweet are these babies:
O'neil...the little charmer!
Our 5 am party!

Lainey Kate is such a sweet big sister!

Super excited for our next trip down to see these two love birds tie the knot!

Allison Elizabeth Photography

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