Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mantle: Done!

The huge, gorgeous mantle and fireplace in our new apartment are my favorite things about this place! As soon as I saw it during my first walkthrough, I knew this apartment had to be ours. When we moved in, I was itching to hurry and decorate the mantle, but knew that I didn't have anything substantial enough to fill up the space (it's pretty huge!) We started focusing our time and energy on other areas of the apartment, and the pretty mantle took the backseat for a couple of weeks until I found the perfect stuff to go up there.

I originally thought of getting a huge canvas from Michaels, and painting some sort of graphic pattern on it. Here is a little mock up I made before we moved in:

I love me some Olioboard, people! Anyway, I still LOVE how this looks, but everything changed when I found the most perfect mirror on a trip to Home Goods this week! It is enormous and barely fit in my backseat, so I knew it was going to be a great fit on the giant mantle. I love how clean and crisp the white frame looks on the white mantle! I accessorized the sides with some random things I already had, so it probably isn't permanent. I love the idea of changing it all around when I'm in the mood! 

As you can see, I still need curtains for all of the windows in the living room, but haven't found the perfect solution. I'm also waiting on the campaign dresser that is currently at my parents' house in SC to go in the little TV niche...we haven't figured out the most economical way to get all of that furniture up here yet! Any ideas??

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