Monday, February 28, 2011

Molly + Campaign = LOVE

Campaign furniture has been all the rage in Blogland recently, and I have jumped on the bandwagon and haven't looked back! As soon as I saw this dresser from Lonny magazine, I knew that I needed one! I have been searching for the past year with no luck...until now!

When I was in South Carolina over Christmas, I went to my favorite place for furniture in Greenville and spotted a whole Campaign bedroom set. I had a small little fit in the store, but soon realized there was no way I could buy the furniture right then, and sadly left the store. Fast forward to this past week. I was back in SC to visit my new nephew, and decided to stop in the store to see if the Campaign furniture was still there. I walked as fast as I could to the back of the store, crossing my fingers that nobody else snatched it up! To my surprise, it was all still there; I'm guessing no one else saw its potential! The set came with a dresser with a hutch, a side table, a desk with a hutch, and a headboard. I only wanted the dresser and side table, so I talked the store owner into splitting up the set. I am now the proud owner of these gorgeous pieces! (The hutch came on the dresser, but I'm undecided on if I will use it or not.)

Right now, they are hanging out in my parents' garage in SC, but they will make their way to NY in a couple of months when my parents come to visit!

Here are a few pictures I've been lusting after!

LOVE this orange version from Deluxa
Also loving this creamy white version from Little Green Notebook
Obsessed with this green dresser in Emily A. Clark's home office
LOVE how crisp this white dresser is from Jessin' how the hardware stands out
As much as I love these fun colored dressers, I think that I am going to leave mine just the way they are! I have been wanting to bring more pieces of wood furniture into our apartment because right now everything is either black or white. I knew I made the right decision when I saw the two pictures below! Can't wait to have these pretty pieces in NY!
Totally loving this Craigslist dresser from Bryn!

Really, really loving this one from Joi, because it is exactly like mine!
So excited that I am finally the proud owner of some Campaign furniture! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and post about them when they arrive!


  1. Excellent! What a fantastic find! Can't wait to see how they look all styled up in your apartment.

  2. What a lucky find! I've been looking for some similar pieces with no such luck. Be sure to post once you get them in your apartment!